About Flips' Owner -  Maree

I have always loved cooking for family and friends and for years I have been passionate about preparing fresh, seasonal food from scratch; just as my Nan used to do. As a child I would watch her for hours lovingly preparing meals for us all.


Many years later, as a mum of three, I couldn't afford to buy shop bought snacks and would always enjoy baking for my children's lunch boxes; ensuring delicious homemade treats were included daily.

It was in making these treats that I discovered my love of baking, and from that, stemmed the idea of running a food caravan.


I was determined that my food caravan had to be different though. It had to specialise in everything that I look for when I'm purchasing from a street vendor.


It had to be fresh, seasonal, delicious and great value for money. It had to stand out as being made with love and I wanted to be 100% proud of every serving that was handed over to the wonderful people who came to buy my pancakes.

And that's just what Flips Pancakes is. The realisation of my passion and determination to provide homemade happiness in every bite. I hope you enjoy my pancakes as much as I enjoy making them. 



Tel: 027 327 7289

Facebook: Flips Pancakes

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