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Flips Pancakes specialises in delicious, homemade pancakes that are light and fluffy and contain nothing artificial!

The toppings are also 100% homemade and are made using only fresh, seasonal, produce.


It’s so simple…

We arrive at your workplace, before your start time, and provide a delicious pancake breakfast for you and your staff.


We have a blackboard selection of up to 8 toppings each day to choose from, based on what produce is available to cook with at the time.


Examples of toppings:

  • Cinnamon Apple, with candied walnuts, rum butter sauce and cream

  • Blueberries with orange scented cream

  • Banoffee - Banana, Cream and Butterscotch Sauce

  • Fresh Strawberry Sauce and cream

  • Jaffa – Chunky orange syrup with layered chocolate shards.

  • Roasted plum with Greek yogurt and honey

  • Maple Roasted Apricots with toasted Almonds and Lemon scented cream 

  • Bacon, Avocado and homemade Aioli

  • Salmon, Cream Cheese, Lemon and Chives

  • Bacon, Bananas and Maple syrup


Available every Friday.

(Booking Fee will apply to businesses with less than 20 staff)


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Tel: 027 327 7289

Facebook: Flips Pancakes

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